Theatre is Science
Theatre is Mathematical
Theatre is Foreign Language
Theatre is History
Theatre is Physical Education
Theatre is Business
Theatre is Technology
Theatre is Economics

Theatre is taught in schools
Not because you are expected to major in theatre,
Not because you are expected to perform all through life,
Not so you can relax,
Not so you can have fun,
So you will recognize Beauty
So you will be Sensitive
So you will be closer to an Infinite beyond this world
So you will have more Love,
More Compassion
More Gentleness,
More Good,
In short,
More Life.

Of What value will it be to make a prosperous living
Unless you know how to live?

That is why theatre is taught in our Schools.


Author Unknown

-I would like to add that where I am from this quote is not applicable because we don’t teach theatre in our schools, which is ridiculous.  This quote is why EVERY school should put more value on educating their students in theatre as well as the other arts.

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"I think human beings are really interesting. To me that’s the whole point of theatre. The whole point of theatre is us being able to look at a story, or listen to a song, or see something on stage and us feel less alone as human beings, to feel connected to other people. And the best theatre does that, the best theatre has universal themes in it and makes you feel connected to humanity."

Emily Skinner (via opencurtains)

"Find someone who makes you realize three things: one, that home is not a place, but a feeling. Two, that time is not measured by a clock, but by moments. And three, that heartbeats are not heard, but felt and shared."

Unknown (via curiovsly)

(Source: psych-facts, via honestlydear)

"The best thing about acting is being allowed to explore the truth of experiences I’ve never had and feelings that are not my own. Playing different characters in different fictions and different worlds is like traveling to foreign countries… Characters I play may do things differently from me, may feel differently, may react differently in different situations, but they are no more or less human. Acting is the exploration of universal truths - birth, death, love, loss, joy, grief, pride, vanity, hope, compassion, family, friendship, triumph, and disaster - but wearing different faces. That, as I see it, is my job."

Tom Hiddleston (via opencurtains)

"Always take risks and never play it safe because you are going to fall on your face and choices are going to be wrong, but at least they are going to be interesting and be bold and it’s not just going to be blah."

Jeremy Jordan (via opencurtains)

"Being onstage is just a feeling that you cannot duplicate anywhere else because the energy that the audience is giving you forces you to give more energy. It’s such an output and exchange of energy. You can’t do that anywhere else."

Aaron Tveit (via opencurtains)

"Acting is not about dressing up. Acting is about stripping bare. The whole essence of learning lines is to forget them so you can make them sound like you thought of them that instant."

Glenda Jackson (via opencurtains)

"The theatre is the only institution in the world which has been dying for four thousand years and has never succumbed. It requires tough and devoted people to keep it alive."

John Steinbeck (via opencurtains)

"Acting is not a state of being… but a state of appearing to be."

Noel Coward (via opencurtains)

"The stage is not merely the meeting place of all the arts, but is also the return of art to life."

Oscar Wilde (via opencurtains)
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